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"Juanma is the type of person who just knows what to say, how and where, when you are faced with self-doubts about one’s life and of course, of what has gotten us closer, TENNIS. The way he transmits the information is always relaxed, clear and positive. His arguments when he is transmitting this information confirms the experience behind each and every one of his words and how much he knows about the different aspects that a coach has to dominate. As I have said many times, Juan Manuel Esparcia is one of the best coaches and sports consultant, in the world. Without a doubt, when you spend time with him, you realize that you are in front of a great person, and in my case, a great friend. Congratulations Juanma!"

  • ATP Tour Coach / Former ATP Player # 126

​Oscar Burrieza

"Juanma Esparcia is one of the best prepared coaches that we have today in Spain on the technical level. In addition, his skills and knowledge to act as a representative and player agent for his players, allows him to (apart from developing the technical part of his players), manage other fundamental parts needed by the player during their career, making his players generate the necessary financial resources through various contracts and sponsors that he directly handles for them.

But if to all this we add his manner, humility and professionalism to always create a structure and a general environment suited to the development of players of all levels, was have the perfect ‘cocktail’ needed to be able to always get the highest performance of all the players he has ever worked with, and that makes him, in my opinion, one of the most well rounded and knowledgeable coaches at the international level."


  • Ex ATP Player / President of the Madrid Tennis Federation (FTM)

Tati Rascón

"Juan is a great coach, and a very good friend. He has always given me helpful advise during training and competition, which allowed me to break through barriers and continue improving."

  • ATP Player - China Davis Cup Team

Wang Chuhan 

You can´t escape his dedication and professional approach for tennis. I know Juan by having worked very closely together with him over many weeks. That´s where you really get to know people. He brings so much experience into this business and what I appreciate most, he always stays positive and tries to find the right solution by listening and understanding the issues. Juan knows the game and more, all the aspects of being a coach with all the responsible areas around. His passion is inspiring me and you can always count on Juan, as a coach, consultant and friend! 

  • Former WTA Player /  ITF,  GSDF Touring Coach and Coach of the Tyrol Tennis Federation, Austria.

Petra Russegger

"Juanma has always been there for me… from the very beginning, I have always considered him as a reference in the tennis world. All his years of experience as a great professional, plus his human touch, sensitivity and emotional intelligence, have made him the “partner” we all want to have by our side. I hope I can keep counting on him as my friend forever."

  • Former WTA Player, Coach and Several times ITF Senior World Champion


"Juan Esparcia, was for me, a very good coach. Very professional and dedicated. A very spiritual person who helped me to believe in energy, in something that is superior to all of us. I didn’t use to think that way before meeting him. He taught me to take more chances, to risk more. To play bigger tournaments. Where you are is who you are. We worked together for a few months, and still remain good friends up to now. I really like his energy and way of thinking. His work. Very modern and futuristic. Very different from the coaches you see from Spain. Great person. He loves me very much and I love him even more. Big hug"

  • Former ATP 62 - Portugal Davis Cup Team

Frederico Gil 

"Juan has been the most important coach for me in my career. He made the difference! He taught me a variety of things that paved the way for success. First of all, and I believe most importantly, Juan does not look at you only from a tennis point of view. He tries to first get an understanding of the player itself, his/her personality, physical capacity, mental characteristics, etc. From there, he adapts his style of teaching to each individual player. Secondly, and probably very important at your early career stage, Juan teaches you a lot about ‘on the court’ but even more so what to do ‘off the court’. I think that especially young players often neglect to what extent off the court influences on the court. Thirdly, yet not last, Juan is simply an amazing person. Honest, genuine and kind, he makes it easy for you to enter a relationship of mutual trust, which eventually sets the base for successfully working together. All the best my dear Juan"!!!

  • Former ITF/ WTA Player


"In such a complicated world, as the tennis world, in which the tennis coach does not hold much value, I would like to show all my respect to Juanma Esparcia, a great professional, who knows the pro circuit very well, hard worker and great at managing not only the training systems, but the calendar… if to all this you add that in the personal level, he could not be a better person…you have in front of you one of those coaches that are well worth it, professionally and personally. I wish you all the best."

  • ATP Tour Player Best Ranking # 68


"Juanma is a great human being and has a unique type of energy as well as a great tennis coach, a sport that he is greatly passionate about and to which he has dedicated a great number of years of his life, going through the many stages within the same. Always willing to help everyone around him and to share his experiences with his colleagues. I hold you in very high esteem."

  •  Former ATP Player # 48 – Colombia Davis Cup Team


Juan is a good friend and a great person to work with.  He is very professional, great motivator and has a good heart, always in a good mood and is very smart.

Juan is someone that will always make a positive contribution in every environment.

He has excellent communications skills and is always optimism.

  • Former WTA player/ ITF GSDF touring coach

Roberta Burzagli 

"Over many years on the ATP Tour and Asia, Juan Manuel has accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge in not only developing players, but managing their careers as well. Furthermore, I have always respected the way Juan Manuel has approached coaching as a professional career. He is like a doctor who is constantly updating his certifications and continuing education. Juan Manuel is a true professional in every sense of the word and a role model for coaches wishing to learn not only on-court progressive training, but career development as well."

  • ATP Tour Coach & Writer


"I have known Juanma for many years and I have always had a special connection with him. At the professional level, ever since I was a young player, developing my game, until I became a professional player, he has coached me and advised me in a brilliant manner. I have no doubt whatsoever that he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches that I have ever met. On a personal level, I appreciate and respect him a lot, he is a good friend, one you can always count on."

  • ATP Tour Coach / Former ATP player # 195


"Juanma is a proven coach within the professional circuit, both ATP and WTA, where he has been working for many years with athletes of the highest level.

At the same time, he has always tried to develop his qualities to the highest level, and his concerns, which by the way are many, and both inside and out the tennis court he has helped tennis players of all levels and at different stages of their careers. I can think of examples like the many clinics that young talents, parents of players or the coaches themselves around the world, have been able to take advantage from.

But also, within those "qualities" that I mention above, Juanma has had, since a young age, the ease to face situations that others may find "embarrassing or difficult", when acting in negotiations. Certain moments, which may appear in many areas of our lives, as well as in the world of sports, I would say that they are decisive in order to achieve the best results possible (sports, economic and personal), is exactly where Juan is at his best and acts brilliantly and with solvency. It is an ability that I have always admired and why I frequently ask for his advice and suggestions.

To summarize, I think I could label Juanma Esparcia as the "whole picture" in the world of sports, in this case in tennis, since he has the ability to be very competent in any of the scenarios of the life of a tennis player and which the player would have to face, whether they like it or not."

  • Dr. Prof.

Dr. Prof. Sergio Guillem Diosdado

"I have met Juan a long time when he was working on tour. My best memories are when he was traveling with Frederico Gil and Guillermo Garcia Lopez who he helped to break through to the top. I am working myself as a coach by now and I still use exercises I learned from him. I admire his relaxed, friendly and funny attitude, while still being professional, intense and effective on the court. Juan has an extensive network all around the world. !f my son ever picks up the tennis racket I would love Juan to do some work with him."

  • ATP Tour Coach / Former ATP 47 Doubles.