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“In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” 

Chester L. Karrass

"A personal, direct and close treatment guarantees immediate response, and trustworthy advice.

In professional sports, it is vital to reach goals and this is a common objective:, mine and that of my clients ".


We have the obligation, not only to get contracts for the athletes, but to counsel them and advise them accordingly. We want athletes to focus on their training and competitions, we will take care of everything else

• Negotiation of contracts with the best sporting and economic conditions.

• Negotiation of guaranteed money for participation in tournaments, exhibitions and team competitions.

• Management and negotiation of sponsors and sports sponsorships.

• 24 hour / personalized assistance throughout the duration of the contract for the resolution of any problem.

• Extensive Network of partners and professionals around the world which ensures greater opportunities to our clients.


We implement comprehensive management of everything related to the advice and professional management of the athlete, being involved at all times in the sports and personal aspects, maintaining a fluid and professional communication with the team and player environment.


  • Management and organization of the team and environment of the athlete.

  • Selection and negotiation of new additions.

  • Network and partnerships with the best professionals to cover any need (coaches, hitting partners, sports science, sports medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition, sports psychology, etc.).

  • International network of sports facilities, clubs and academies, guaranteeing the best opportunities to carry out training sessions.


The sport, due to its expose and high audience, is an unbeatable platform to enhance and strengthen the image of any company or brand. Our mission is for the athlete to focus on competition, while we promote their worth as an athlete, acting as a link between the athlete, companies or brands and media, increasing the chances of sponsorship, image and advertising, helping our customers extend the success during their lifetime.

• Creation and implementation of marketing strategies.

• Development of Personal Branding or Personal brand.

• Identification of commercial marketing opportunities.

• Design and management of Website.

• Management of social networks (maximize the potential of the image, opportunities for sponsorship of the player, etc.).

• Design of a structure and strategy of communication and relationship with the media.

• Counseling and coaching to perform better during interviews, media, sponsorship events, etc.


The complexity and the specific nature of the sports law demands for us seek a serious and demanding advice, that is why we offer a service designed especially for athletes, through our alliances with the best professionals in the sector.

• Legal, fiscal, accounting and financial advice.

• Image rights.

• Procedures in the field of tax refunds.

• Insurance for professional athletes.

• Investment advice.

• Opportunities after you have retired


A relationship is to be fruitful and long-lasting, both parties have to be happy and for this purpose it is necessary to reach an agreement that is fair and balanced. To reach this agreement, we must first analyze and see what position each of the parties is in, understand the objectives that both parties want to achieve as a result of their professional relationship, establish guidelines for action and have an agreement that guarantees the different variants and options that will be given with the achievement of the different objectives.

Many relationships are broken by not having correctly spoken about certain things and reaching the necessary agreements before starting to work with the athletes. Our goal is to analyze, design and mediate to reach the best agreement between the parties, guaranteeing the commitments and responsibilities of each one, anticipating the problems and conflicts that may arise, so both player and coach can concentrate on their work and not miss-understand each other or having to renegotiate conditions. 

• Analysis, design and intermediation of contracts between Coaches and Players or Entities. 

• International Network increasing work options in the professional circuit.

• Comprehensive advice on all aspects of the Coach's sports career. 

o Legal, fiscal, accounting and financial advice.

o Specific types of insurance for the coach.

o Design, implementation and management of a personal brand.